Monday, September 04, 2006


One of the most important contributions of the Human Security concept to our understanding of reality is its focus on you: you who live everyday out there, you that read this just as read all what happens in your day by day broader world, you, read at the same time by all who surround you, making that intangible thing the "people" is. The Study Group on Human Security of professor Modjtaba Sadria wants to share its discussions to the eyes in the space, aiming to help to move on something more than a concept.

Our group is out-spring of Professor Sadria's two years seminar at the Human Security Program of Tohoku University's Graduate School. We decided that posing different problems related to Human Security, continuing our discussions, and eventually circulating information about H.S publicly could only enlarge our perspective, and deepen our understanding.

The intended aims:

1- Continuation of our own discussions within a more demanding frame,

2- Enlarging the presence of the concept of Human Security in public sphere,

3- bringing more nuances in the understanding of the concept, and its practical impacts.

Human Security for us is not a "them", "there" problem. It has become a human problem, wherever you, me, he, she, us...are living. You are welcomed in joining us for making a brainstorming, of any aspect of it, at any time.



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